The Development of an Assessment for Learning Model for Elementary Classroom

  •  Satayu Chueachot    
  •  Boonchom Srisa-ard    
  •  Yannapat Srihamongkol    


Assessment for Learning for elementary classroom is a concept that aims to stimulate self learning and development among the student via assessment model. This research aimed to 1) develop an Assessment for Learning Model for elementary classroom and 2) test and assess the outcome of our model. The authors utilized interviewing, questionnaire and assessment form as tools for data gathering. The data was analyzed by statistical methods, namely, mean and standard deviation. Lastly, we performed the t-test Dependent to test our hypothesis and we’ve found that the Assessment for Learning Model for elementary classroom comprises of 2 phase and 6 steps. The result comprises two stages. The planning stage is composed of (1) define assessment objectives and what students need to achieve (2) define performance benchmark (3) design learning methodology and assessment method in accord with learning objectives. The teaching and feedback stage is composed of (1) integrate assessment with teaching/learning activities (2) Feedback after learning unit (3) Feedback result is used to improve primary school student's performance. The result of using the designed assessment model reveals that students have improved their learning achievement, self-regulation, and self-efficacy at statistically significant level of .05.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.