Practice and Reflection on Interactive Three-Dimensional Teaching System in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges

  •  Zhimin Lei    


Ever since the new curriculum was implemented, Sichuan Agricultural University that is characterized by agricultural science has conducted ideological and political teaching reform, explored a basic route to integrate scientific outlook on development into theoretical teaching and initially formed a human-oriented interactive three-dimensional teaching system. In the practice of teaching reform, this university has insisted on healthy growth orientation of students and the basic principle of respecting students’ subjective status, stuck to the basic principle of the guiding position of Marxism and the leading position of students, set up the board of studies mechanism to direct students to take an initiative in participating in reform on theoretical teaching, constructed the self-education module of interaction of “explaining the theory” by students, set up the subjective teaching module of teaching leading and interaction between teachers and students and gradually formed the “quaternity” interactive teaching mode in which the four aspects of teachers and students, students and students, intracurricular and extracurricular resources and practice of students inside and outside the school interact with each other in an organic way. The result of the teaching reform practice is of demonstrative significance and promotion value.

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