The P.O.E.Ms of Educational Research: A beginners’ Concise Guide

  •  Rami F. Mustafa    


Embarking in an educational research paper is one of the daunting processes any scholar can go through. And the process if even harder for novice education students who wander through the plethora of terminology, styles and paradigms trying to figure out their way in that jungle called educational research. The following of the review presents the constructs and basic theoretical components needed. By illustrating the differences between, strengths, weaknesses and research methods attached to each paradigm, this paper aims at introducing the first step in the thousand mile journey for novice education researchers and graduate students. Moreover, the paper is aiming at extending a departure point for the novice educational researchers, and strives to supplement the work of professors and supervisors who are engaged in training future educational researchers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.