Model of Preparing Teacher Students for the Examination for a Teacher License According to the Competency Criteria of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand

  •  Benjawan Keesookpun    
  •  Jira Jitsupa    
  •  Alongkorn Koednat    


The objective of this research was to develop and present a model preparing teacher students for the examination to obtain a teacher license in accordance with the competency criteria of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand (TCT). The research comprised the following 5 steps: 1) formulating a conceptual framework; 2) studying the needs and preparation model of teacher students; 3) drafting a model of preparation for teacher students; 4) examining the suitability and feasibility of the model; and 5) presenting the preparation model for teacher students. The sample comprised 124 teacher students of Suan Dusit University, obtained using a specific method. The research instruments used to collect the date were questionnaires and interviews. The data were analyzed to calculate percentages, means, and standard deviations. The results indicated that the model for preparation consists of 6 components: 1) target, 2) goal, 3) objective, 4) main characteristic of model, 5) success factors in using the model (key success), and 6) methods and results after using the model (key result).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.