The Leadership Enhancement in Education 4.0 School Administrators

  •  Kuljira Raksanakorn    
  •  Supattarasak Khumsamart    
  •  Tuwanan Ratthananin-Anan    


The objectives of this research were: 1) to study the components, 2) to study the current situation and the desirable conditions, and 3) To assess needs for enhancement of leadership of school administrators in Education 4.0 under the Office of Secondary Education Service Areas in the Northeast region. The sample group included schools under the Office of Secondary Educational Service Areas in the Northeast region. The data were collected from 15 school administrators, 365 teachers, with the total number of 380 persons by using Stratified Random Sampling. The instruments used in this research were component evaluation form and questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis comprised percentage, mean, standard deviation, reliability and PNI modified. The research results were found that: I. The components for leadership enhancing in education 4.0 professional administrators consisted of 7 components as follows: 1) Knowledge and ability, 2) Leadership skills, 3) Academic skills, 4) Morality and ethics, 5) Modern skills, 6) Characteristics, and 7) Results of performance. II. The current situation for leadership enhancing in education 4.0 professional, in overall, was rated at a moderate level, the desirable conditions, in overall, were rated at the highest level. III. The priorities of needs assessment are 1) Results of performance, 2) Morality and ethics, 3) Characteristics, 4) Modern skills, 5) Leadership skills 6) Knowledge and ability, and 7) Academic skills.

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