A Common Framework for Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education (AAI-HE Model)

  •  Thiti Jantakun    
  •  Kitsadaporn Jantakun    
  •  Thada Jantakoon    


This research aims to 1) Develop a common framework for artificial intelligence in higher education (AAI-HE model) and 2) Assess the AAI-HE model. The research process is divided into two stages: 1) Develop an AAI-HE model, and 2) Assessment the model. The sample consists of five experts chosen through purposive sampling. The data is analyzed by means and standardized deviations statistically. The research result shows that 1) the AAI-HE model consists of seven key components which are 1.1) User Interactive Components and Technology of AI, 1.2) Components and Technology of AI, 1.3) Roles for Artificial Intelligence in Education 1.4) Machine Learning and Deep Learning 1.5) DSS Modules 1.6) Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education, and 1.7) AI to enhance campus efficiencies, and 2) The result of the assessment of the AAI-HE model is rated as absolutely appropriate overall.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.