Opinions and Recommendations of Academics Training Special Education Teachers About Applicability of Integration in Turkey

  •  Mehmet İNCE    
  •  Ahmet YIKMIŞ    


This study aims to state the opinions and recommendations of academics who train special education teachers for integration applications. The study is patterned as a descriptive case study, and the participants consist of 28 faculty members from 18 universities who work in the special education undergraduate program and whose professional experience ranges from 5 to 45 years. The study data were collected through face-to-face interviews with participants using the semi-structured interview technique. The obtained data were analyzed through descriptive analysis. The findings show that most academics think that integration is not being applied today and that there is a lack of necessary infrastructure for its application. Faculty members participating in the study stated that teachers do not receive adequate training about integration, teachers should undergo serious in-service training, and courses related to special education should be introduced in all departments of the faculty of education. For successful integration, it is necessary to make physical and educational arrangements, provide support education services, train teachers to have an integration perspective and improve their attitudes. In conclusion, integration is an application that can only be realized with the joint effort of all parties through multidimensional discussions of its contents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.