Examination of the Factors Affecting Elective Selection in Turkish Language Teaching Undergraduate Program

  •  İsmail Çoban    


Curriculum plays an important role in the training of gifted teachers. This situation is confronted with situations such as constantly updating and radically changing teaching undergraduate programs. One of the complementary elements of the programs is electives. The Turkish Language Teaching Undergraduate Program, in which interdisciplinary studies increase efficiency, has also been renewed with these features in mind. There are 52 different electives in the Turkish Language Teaching Undergraduate Program published in 2018. This study was carried out to determine what factors affecting prospective Turkish teachers while choosing these courses. 162 prospective Turkish teachers studying at Sinop University Faculty of Education Turkish Language Teaching Department participated in the study conducted in the survey model in the 2019-2020 academic year. The questionnaire developed by Tezcan and Gümüş (2008) as a data collection tool to determine the factors affecting the course choices of university students was updated and applied. While analyzing the data, 5 themes were determined as “items related to being economical”, “items related to career goals”, “items related to teaching staff”, “items related to friend effect/environmental factors” and “items related to course features”. Prospective Turkish teachers selected courses that they can easily pass and contain information that will help them in their professional life; the lecturers considering the course to be successful in their fields; that the circle of friends is effective in the choice of elective courses and the family is ineffective in this process; the results they chose for lessons related to their talents and interests were reached.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.