Enhancement of College English Teachers’ Information Literacy in Information Environment

  •  Yinghua Gu    


The 21st century is an era of knowledge and information. Modern science and technology based on information technology has inspired profound changes in the world, including college education. Information literacy is an intrinsic element that often plays an important role in teaching and school management. In the information age, how to improve college teachers’ information literacy has become a major issue in the development of college education. This paper focuses on the study of college English teachers’ information literacy. It first studies the basic connotation of information literacy of college teachers which covers information awareness, information knowledge, and information ability. Then this paper takes college English teachers in North China Electric Power University as the research object, and adopts questionnaire survey and literature research to analyze the current situation of the information literacy of college English teachers. Based on the analysis of the basic connotation of teachers’ information literacy, and the current situation of college English teachers’ information literacy, this paper puts forward three strategies for improving college English teachers’ information literacy: enhancing college English teachers’ self-development consciousness, making use of group dynamics, and perfecting modern information technology training system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.