The Relationship Between Possible Self of the Social Studies and History Teacher Candidates and the Attitudes Towards Teaching Profession

  •  Kamil Uygun    
  •  Muhammet Avaroğulları    


This study was conducted to determine to what extent the attitudes of pre-service teachers of social studies and history towards the teaching profession may predict possible teacher selves. Participants of the research are senior social studies teacher candidates studying at a public university in the spring semester of 2018-2019 academic year and history teacher candidates registered in the pedagogical formation program. Relational survey model, one of the survey models, was used in the research. The data was collected through Teacher Candidates Possible Selves Questionnaire and Attitude Scale towards Teaching Profession. The data obtained from the study were analyzed by Independent samples t test and simple linear regression analysis techniques. According to the results obtained from the research, there was no difference between the attitudes of social studies teacher candidates and history teacher candidates who received pedagogical formation education towards the teaching profession. While the department of teacher candidates was not effective on the expected teacher selves, it was determined that it was effective on the feared teacher selves. It has been understood that the attitude towards teaching profession is effective in predicting expected possible selves, but it is ineffective in predicting feared possible selves that are feared. Suggestions were made in line with the results obtained from the research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.