National Lottery—You Can Win As Well: A Metaphor Study on Disabled Athletes

  •  Atike Yilmaz    
  •  Gozde Yetim    


The aim of this study is to determine the metaphoric perceptions of physically disabled and hearing impaired athletes concerning their branches and concepts about these branches. In this context, the sample of the study was comprised of 20 physically disabled and hearing impaired athletes playing in the basketball and football teams in Muş province. In the form that was prepared for data collection, the participants were asked to answer certain statements such as “Basketball/football is like … Because, …”, “Field/court is like … Because, …”, “Basketball/football (the ball) is like … Because, …”, “Playing basketball/football is like … Because, …”, etc. The obtained data were transferred to the SPSS program, and frequency and percentage analyses were conducted. As the conclusion, it was determined that the sports branches of physically disabled and hearing impaired athletes were the focal points of their lives, and they perceived them as the requirements for their lives. In this respect, it is considered that the results of this study are significant since it suggests encouraging disabled individuals to sports, helping them participate in sports, providing support, and promoting the disabled sports.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.