Scoring Rubric of Problem-Solving on Computing Science Learning

  •  Chacharin Lertyosbordin    
  •  Sorakrich Maneewan    
  •  Sakesun Yampinij    
  •  Kuntida Thamwipat    


Office of basic education commission of Thailand firstly declared the indicator for computing science of the students in primary education and secondary education in 2018. The important of computing science is to develop the learners to solve the questions of computing science by using technology correctly. To gain the effective learning management in computing science, the method of evaluation is so important. This research aimed to create the test of solving on computing science for the teachers to use in school and applied in computing sciences in schools and improved better in the future. The evaluation on quality for validity of the test found that the test of solving in computing science gain the item of congruence (IOC) at 1.00 and reliability was show harmonization at the level of “much” (RAI = 0.94).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.