The Development Process PLC Competencies for School Administrators in Buriram Province

  •  Kovit Vajarintarangoon    
  •  Phaophongphat Bunkanan    
  •  Sittichai Deelon    
  •  Sripen Poldech    
  •  Kittiwat Thauyngam    


The purposes of the research study were to a) study the current situation of school management and administration using professional learning community b) to develop professional learning community for the school administrators and c) follow up collaborative practice among school colleagues and administrators within school using professional learning community in Buriram Province. The researcher utilized focused interview sessions, group interview questionnaires, and Professional Learning observation within school to determine how the school colleagues perceived the implementation of professional learning communities. The results indicated that: 1) A school’s PLC isn’t working, common problems in Buriram Province include: a) Personal practice, b) Insufficient collaborative work, 3) Academics support, and 4) supportive conditions. 2) School administrators' competencies development after implementation of PLC workshop have an influence on process of using PLC in school. School administrators' competencies included supportive conditions for safe environment of PLC, creating environment that support learning collaboratively and respect for individual differences and developing collegial relationships for planning, following up of supervision process through action planning that support collaborative work among school colleagues. 3) Model of school administrators' competencies development in Buriram Province were a) a PDCA model incorporated with contemplative education that driven through small group of PLCs. This model utilized school administrators as coach and mentor to reflect on co-operation of group problem solving in the same group c) a PLC comprised of school teachers, coming together by grade level, content area, or through an interdisciplinary group. The purpose of a PLC was to build a community of teachers to focus on a common goal or objective collaboratively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.