Clusters That Determine the Risks to University Desertion in Santander

  •  Omar Millán Delgado    


The phenomenon of university desertion is the result of an inefficient system of the entire Colombian national educational structure. Under a predominantly descriptive, quantitative and statistical approach, it is intended to identify the behavior of the desertion in the universities of the department of Santander, with the purpose of knowing their state of control. The information collected in the present study, based on the application of structured instruments, is the input for the design of statistical models, where the dependent variable is highlighted as the intention of desertion risk and the explanatory variables are the rest which are grouped by means of clusters independently and not correlated; and in the end, identify their degree of influence on the proposed mathematical model. This model identifies the variables that most influence the risk of desertion, and the model obtained is the basis for the proposal of strategic activities, to the extent as these obey the variables that most influence the risk of desertion. In this way, the concentration of efforts on specific aspects through this model implementation is expected, and the maximization of effectiveness is achieved through the reduction of desertion rates in the department of Santander.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.