Discourse Analyses of Chinese Visiting Professors at Canadian Universities: Adaptation and Transformation

  •  Lin Ge    


Chinese visiting professors, as Chinese university educators, are playing both practitioners and conformists in adapting to Western teaching perspectives and pedagogies while maintaining Chinese teaching beliefs. This study attempts to understand the international university experiences (Canada) of Chinese visiting professors. Arguably, Chinese visiting professors might potentially engage in programs aimed at providing an advance preparation for Chinese international graduate students, furthering their successful transition in study abroad. This paper is oriented to a post-structural paradigm in order to remain open to the attitudes, beliefs, and values of participants. The findings of a discourse analysis of Chinese visiting professors at a Canadian university are presented. The findings disclosed specific accounts as provided by this research group (i.e. dual academic and teaching experiences, and bicultural experiences in Chinese and Canadian universities). Using the findings, recommendations were made in bridging potential challenges to studying abroad. Specific to this task is the construction of an in-country program aimed at preparing Chinese undergraduate and graduate students for study overseas (specifically in Canada).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.