Leisure Satisfaction of Sports Science Students

  •  Özden Tepeköylü Öztürk    


The aim of this study is to determine the leisure satisfaction levels of students who study sports sciences. In addition, in the study, the satisfaction levels of the students were compared according to their gender, departments and the most preferred activity type in leisure. The research was in quantitative descriptive design and consisted of a total of 379 sports sciences students, including 144 female and 235 men. The “Leisure Satisfaction Scale” developed by Beard and Raghep (1992) which is adapted to Turkish by Gökçe and Orhan (2011) and the “Personal Information Form” developed by the researcher were used as data collection tools. T-test, ANOVA and one-way MANOVA test techniques were used in the analysis of the data. According to the research findings, the leisure satisfaction of the students of Sports Sciences has been observed to be high level. In general, it was found that leisure satisfaction of those who do most physical activity is higher than those who did social, intellectual and artistic etc. activity. According to the gender factor, leisure satisfaction total score did not make a difference, but it was seen that female had higher scores than psychological and relaxation dimensions. In the comparisons between the departments, it was determined that the recreation department had more leisure satisfaction than the coaching and physical education teaching department students. It has been observed that the highest score section is recreation and the lowest score section is coaching. Finally, the research findings were discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.