Examination of Teachers’ Perceptions about Servant Leadership and Organizational Commitment

  •  Ayşegül Palta    


The issue of leadership has been debated by people since ancient times. When literature review is done in this field, it has seen that leadership was defined by many scientists and different approaches have been created about the subject Servant leadership is an understanding that reappears in the modern world and that leaders are accountable to their followers and go back to historical antiquity. Organizational commitment is the degree of integration and identification that an individual feels for an organization. Many researches have been done so far on organizational commitment. Low organizational commitment has individual and organizational negative consequences such as being late for work, absenteeism, low performance and even leaving the job. The purpose of this study is to investigate teachers’ perceptions about servant leadership and organizational commitment. 149 teachers answered the scales. Survey and correlational model were preferred. According to the findings, teachers’ perceptions about servant leadership and organizational commitment don’t vary in accordance with gender, branch, tenure in school and seniority. Organizational commitment of teachers and servant leadership perceptions are related to each other. This relationship is positive and low.

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