Identification of Internet Usage and Dependency Level of Physical Education and Sport Teaching Students

  •  Talha Murathan    


The excessive internet usage that interrupts social relations, physical characteristics and mental conditions of individuals is called as internet addiction. At the previous studies, it is reported that university students are at risk of Internet addiction due to their uncontrolled lives without families and killing their time surfing the internet. The objective of this study is to identify the addiction level of university students’ internet usage within the framework of some variables. A total of 463 students, 194 girls and 269 boys, who study at different 7 Departments of Physical Education and Sport Teaching within School of Physical Education and Sports and Faculties of Sport Sciences, attended this study in 2016-2017 Academic Years. “Personal Information Form” is used to determine the internet addiction of students “Internet Addiction Scale” developed by Young (1998) and to determine the demographic features and the data regarding the internet usage. In this study, the risk average for internet addiction of students is determined 2.55. It has been observed that the individuals who addict the internet constitute 3.9% of my samples. It is confirmed that internet addiction of male students is considerably higher than female students. It is ascertained that students who have Internet and a social media account are under higher risk of internet addiction. It has been emerged that there is no significant relation between the age/ monthly income of the family and the internet addiction level.

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