Changing Behaviours and Its Theories to Achieve the Desire for Entrepreneurship in Future Generations in the UAE and Gulf Region

  •  Ghanim Alhajeri    


The Gulf region has been emerging as a prosperous hub of entrepreneurship and commercial innovation and is, at present, portraying continuous development. The success of this region is due to several different factors such as the size of the region, youth generation; digital economy; and its progressive access to technology. This study is a literature review and adopts a five-stage process to recruit studies that align with the aim of this study. The data was collected from journal articles, blogs, government websites, and articles from Google Scholar, Proquest, EBSCO, and EconLit. A total of 31 journal articles were reviewed and analyzed. This paper (1) identified variations in entrepreneurial activities, attitudes and perceptions, and aspirations among UAE youth; (2) explored factors defining the nature and level of UAE entrepreneurial work; and (3) presented the potential of entrepreneurship through education in the UAE; (4) need to strengthen technological transfers to entrepreneurial approach and networking opportunities. Initiatives taken by the UAE government in supporting entrepreneurial development were also presented and emphasized. Entrepreneurs are observed as a core aspect that encourages creativity and innovation, generates employment opportunities, and brings prosperity to society. This paper emphatically focuses on entrepreneurship research by presenting policy implications to improve UAE’s entrepreneurship in the country’s economy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.