Textural and Petrographic Characterization of the Soil of Amtiman (South-East Chad)

  •  Al-hadj Hamid ZAGALO    
  •  Maurice KWEKAM    
  •  François NGAPGUE    
  •  Idriss Goudja TCHERE    


The textural and petrographic characteristics of the soils of the city of Amtiman and their behavior on swelling and shrinkage are presented here.

The soils of the town of Amtiman (Chad) have a predominantly clay texture and the clays are mainly exposed on the surface. The results of this work include characterizing the type of clay present in the city. These are the heterogeneous layers of clayey soils consisting mainly of surface-bound illites but also of kaolinite intercalation at depth.

These results suggest that the phenomenon of shrinkage of the clays (Illite and kaolinite) of the city of Amtiman is very low and that this city belongs to the sedimentary basin of Salamat.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.