Meandering Process and Migration Architecture: Based on the Nowitna River

  •  Le Chen    
  •  Zhipeng Lin    
  •  Taiju Yin    
  •  Jingfu Shan    
  •  Qianjun Sun    
  •  Fei Wang    


The meandering process has always been the topic through years and still remains a lot of unsolved mysteries. One of the most important focus is the migration architectures and models that the meandering channels follow. This article chooses the Nowitna River as the study object of the typical meandering river with high migratory processes. Though the high-resolution historical satellite images by the techniques of Google Earth and ACME Mapper, 50 meanders in the river is studied and 6 of which are chosen for meticulous characterization. During the process, the planform structure of meandering channel is re-examined and 29 kinds of architecture elements are systematically established. More importantly, in order to make a fine quantitative characterization of the channel structure of meandering river, 5 kinds of characterization parameters are proposed, extraordinarily, the parameters of the difference of along-current deflection angle, a difference of counter-current deflection angle, and expansion coefficient, these three are firstly brought forward and applied introduction. In addition, the conception of sinuosity index and curvature are also different from the original definition. Though these architectures elements the meandering process and migration structure of the Nowitna River is demonstrated. 6 kinds of planform migration structures is revealed with the quantitative characterization of characterization parameters and 9 species of meandering channel migration patterns are concluded and discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.