Determination of Gas Well Productivity by Logging Parameters

  •  Weijun Hao    
  •  Zhihong Kang    
  •  Dehua Wu    


The prediction and evaluation of reservoir productivity is a comprehensive index of the dynamic characteristics of gas reservoirs, which can provide a reasonable basis for the design and rational distribution of gasfield development plan. Proration of gas well is an important procedure in the development process, Absolute open flow as a key indicator of rational production of gas well. It is very important to determine the absolute open flow of the gas well. The Permian in Ordos Basin is a typical tight sandstone gas reservoir. The paper analyses correlation relations between different logging parameters and absolute open flow, and get the four parameters, porosity, permeability, storage coefficient(the product of porosity and effective thickness)with better correlation relations and effective thickness with best correlation relation by combining a large amount of gas logging data and static logging data and means of linear regression analysis, Then on the basis of this, a new empirical formula for calculating the absolute open flow of gas wells is obtained by using the method of multiple linear regression. The example shows that the result of this method is reasonable and reliable and the method can provide scientific basis for the prediction of natural gas absolute open flow of tight sandstone gas reservoirs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.