Polarization Tracking Study of Earth Station in Satellite Communications

  •  Lihua Ma    
  •  Chao Hu    
  •  Jun Pei    


Satellite communications, in telecommunications, the use of satellite can provide communications links between various points on the earth. Typical satellite communication is composed of a communication satellite, a signal transmitter and a signal receiver. As the signal transmitter or the signal receiver, an earth station plays a vital role in the satellite communications. Accurately adjustment of antenna azimuth, elevation and polarization angles on the earth station is the key to satellite communications. In the present paper, a study of polarization tracking of earth station is presented, and a detailed adjustment procession of the polarization angle is given. Combing with observation series of MEASAT-2 satellite in geostationary orbit, the polarization tracking accuracy is verified. The method can be embeded into computer program of antenna polarization adjustment in earth station.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.