Rare Earth and Trace Elements Distribution in Sediments from River Gora in Minna Area, North-Central Nigeria: Implication for Provenance

  •  S.O. Obaje    
  •  I.A. Akpoborie    
  •  F.C. Ugbe    
  •  A. Onugba    


Sediment samples were taken from the River Gora bed for study of the distribution of rare earth and trace elements with respect to their possible origin. The study area lies between latitude 90 33N and 90 35’N and longitude 60 34’E and 60 35E. Rare earth and trace elemental compositions of the samples were analyzed using X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry Epsilon-5 Panalytical model. The Pearson positive correlation of La/Yb, Ce/Ce*, Eu/Eu*, LREE/HREE, the downstream spatial variations of La, Ce, Nd, Sc, Y, Eu, Mo, Zr, Pb, and Co, in addition to the normalized Chondrite plot of the rare earth elements in the study area revealed high erosional rate, terrigenous river sediments input and lithologically controlled distribution from crystalline Basement source rock because the Eu/Eu* gave positive anomaly with less pronounced anthropogenic input. The positive anomaly of Ce/Ce* revealed two component system of fine- and coarse- grained terrigenous input.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.