Spacetime: A Distinct Medium

  •  AC Tahan    


String experimentation has allowed for the observation in the laboratory of a D-brane with an open string for visible light (Tahan 2011). Events in experiments when the best defined, largest D-brane appeared suggested the subsistence of a separate medium that was concluded to be spacetime since no other extra-dimensional environment in which light travels could be imagined. Specifically, a high gravitational area in the tube of the set-up rotating and consequently dragging the background in which the light existed causing deformation of the D-brane with the open string (Tahan 2011) triggered the idea of an additional setting. The observation was in addition to an initial pushing influence that was later concluded to have affected the medium thereby exposing the D-brane and open string by seemingly stopping the laser light in place, rather than having influenced the light directly. This manuscript discusses environmental conditions in experiments that substantiated existence of a distinct medium. Understanding spacetime as a particular extra-dimensional environment does not require the altering of Special or General Relativity since related laws do not change. This paper is not reintroducing the classical, absolute aether but is expressing the existence of a general relativity aether or spacetime; the same explanations for mass influencing spacetime particularly for gravity do not change. This work simply proposes spacetime to be a tangible environment to which properties can be transferred.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.