Research of Flood Control Regulation Based on Distributed Model in Luhun Reservoir, China

  •  Linying Lv    
  •  Caihong Hu    
  •  Xinjian Guan    
  •  Zhimin Shi    


In charge of both the flood control of its area and the reduction of floods in downstream of Yellow River, Luhun reservoir is in a absolutely pivotal position. Thus, the research concerning about the flood control scheduling scheme and strategy in Luhun catchment is imperatively essential. Based on the flood data of Luhun reservoir in the year 1980-1998, the study establish a loose distributed hydrological model, which is able to reflect excess storage runoff and excess infiltration runoff simultaneously, to forecast the flood in the section. The other function of the model can effectively obtain spatial distribution of underlying surface from the researched catchment as well as combine weather data conveniently. Subsequently, combining with the DEM data, the catchment was divided into 13 sub-basins on the basis of characteristics of the watershed topography, land use, soil and vegetation distribution. After the information of the sub-streams is acquired, the spatial distribution of the runoff and the flood will be analyzed. Further, it draws a conclusion that the model used is suitable for Luhun catchment, and technical support for flood control can be provided in the section. Meanwhile, pointed flood control strategies are presented in Luhun reservoir.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.