Nonmetal and No Diameter Damage Borehole Wall Strengthening Technology

  •  Lu Chunhua    
  •  Jiang Guosheng    
  •  Zhang Tao    
  •  Fan Jiaxing    


Instability of borehole wall is a common phenomenon when drilling in complex strata, which bring great difficulties to drilling. Traditional way of casing pipe can isolate unstable borehole wall reliably, however, there are some shortcomings: for example, reducing hole-diameter etc. In order to seek a simple, effective and no diameter damage way for supporting collapsed well section, the project team devotes to research hot-melt way used in dry hole and polyurethane way used in hole with water. The paper elaborates process principle and indoor tests of the two ways in detail. Study indicate, the two kinds of nonmetal borehole wall strengthening technology have many advantages, like simple to operate, effect is significant and no diameter to diameter of borehole, which have certain application prospect.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.