Research on the Relationship between Evolution of Urban Land Structure and Industrial Structure Transformation: A Case Study of Chengdu City

  •  Qing Kang    
  •  Jian-Qiang Li    
  •  Jie Ding    


From lateral perspective, this paper analyzes the relationship between evolution of urban land structure and industrial structure transformation, through proportion change index and Granger method. The empirical study shows three points. First of all, Chengdu land structure change shows that city feature is not perfect, living environment and ecological environment construction needs to be strengthened. Moreover, the industrial structure optimization of Chengdu continues and the tertiary industry gradually occupied a dominant position. Ultimately, in short-term, urban land change drived industry structure transformation, then industry structure transformation feeded back urban land structure change; the synchronization action between urban land structure evolution and industrial structure change has not appeared, and the reciprocal causation of them will come true under the long-time adjusting.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.