The Microelement Composition of the Soil-Plant Cover in the Basin of Lake Kotokel'

  •  S. B. Sosorova    
  •  M. G. Merkusheva    
  •  A. B. Gyninova    
  •  L. L. Ubugunov    


The content of microelements (Mn, Zn, Cu, Co, Ni, Cr, Pb, and Cd) and Fe is determined in the soils and plants of the Lake Kotokel' basin. Their content in the soils is proved not to exceed the regional background and the existing MPC and APC. The content of Cd is revealed to exceed its clarke value for the world soils, which is related to the natural origin of this element. The concentrations of Mn, Co, and Pb are close to their clarke values, and those of Zn, Cu, Ni, and Cr are lower than their clarkes. The studied soils are specified by the maximal amount of the mobile forms of microelements. The profile distribution of the microelements differs depending on the genetic soil type. For Mn, Zn, and Cu, a significant biogenic accumulation is pronounced in the organic soil horizons. The content of microelements in the aboveground phytomass exceeds the maximal permissible levels for Mn, Co, Cr, and Fe. The intensity of the microelements absorption by the plants varies widely, being specified by the high coefficient of the biological adsorption (except for Fe). Mn, Zn, and Cu are accumulated in the grass phytomass the most intensely.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.