Analysis of Physical Parameters of Limestone Deposits in Ewekoro Formation, Southwestern Nigeria

  •  Oluwaseun T. Olurin    
  •  B. S. Badmus    
  •  O. D. Akinyemi    
  •  J. A. Olowofela    
  •  V. C. Ozebo    
  •  S. A. Ganiyu    


Physical parameters of limestone in Ewekoro formation, south-western Nigeria were determined via direct laboratory method. The permeability and bulk density values obtained range from 1.47 to 7.99  and 1.26 to 1.90  respectively. The resistivity values of the limestone samples collected from the study site were obtained by laboratory direct method and the result revealed that the resistivity values fall within 6 and 171. These values correlate favorably with the results obtained from electrical resistivity method of geophysical prospecting of the study area. The two approaches showed a good degree of correlation in the resistivity value of the limestone and their varying qualities. This research work further showed the occurrence of vast deposit of limestone, which can be of economic importance in mining and for industrial purposes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.