Formation Pressure Evolution in Lynedoch Fields, Northern Bonaparte Basin, Australia

  •  Suliman Ahmed Hamid Fadul    
  •  Ye Jia Ren    
  •  Cao Qiang    
  •  Liu Wenchao    


The Lynedoch Fields are located in the flanks of Calder Graben. Wells lynedoch-1, lynedoch-2 and Seismic line N11809 are selected to evaluate the pressure evolution history, investigate the mechanisms of overpressures generation and the timing of oil and gas generation from the potential hydrocarbon source rock. Three areas of pressure evolution were identified namely normal pressure, slight excess pressure and intense excess pressure. The pressure releases are consistent with the tectonic events increasing with depth and dissipating laterally. The peak of excess pressure generation, the peak sedimentation rates in wells Lynedoch-1 and Lynedoch-2 and the peak generation of oil and gas of the same wells were occurred during the Late Cretaceous at 65Ma. High sedimentation rates with rapid subsidence and oil and gas generation are the main favorable conditions for overpressure generation in the study area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.