Well Log Petrophysical Analysis and Fluid Characterization of Reservoirs, Rio Del Rey Basin, Cameroon (West African Margin, Gulf of Guinea)

  •  Joseph Bertrand Iboum Kissaaka    
  •  Ahmed Salim Mopa Moulaye    
  •  Paul Gustave Fowe Kwetche    
  •  Francois Mvondo Owono    
  •  Marie Joseph Ntamak-Nida    


The quick-look and gas chromatography analyses were used for formation evaluation of four depth intervals in a well (well A) located within the offshore of the Rio Del Rey basin. The results show 3 water reservoirs (R1 to R3) and 1 hydrocarbon reservoir (R4). The quick-look reveals that the hydrocarbon (oil and gas) reservoir is a shaley sandstone or a radioactive sandstone located between 4898-4932 Mmd which is filled by oil and gas and with a good porosity. The chromatographic gas ratio analysis reveals that the hydrocarbon reservoir is filled by a productive gas which may be a wet gas. The result provided by the gas chromatography is a false result probably due to its limitation which is that the hydrocarbon component must exist at the gaseous phase (C1-C5) to be detected and analyzed. The gas chromatography based its analysis only in the C1 to C5 range, in oil we have from C1 to C8.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.