College English Curriculum Group: The Construction Based on Needs Analysis

  •  Jianfeng Zhang    


The rapid development of society and economy is not only the opportunity but also the challenge of the college English teaching in China. Nowadays, traditional college English curriculum, with its monotonous content and musty teaching principles, can hardly activate learners’ motivation, because the curriculum design neglects learners’ needs. Therefore, instrument, humanity and profession should be integrated in English education and college English curriculum group has been designed and constructed. In this curriculum system, based on the learners’ needs analysis, EGP and ESP are combined; and on the Internet platform that makes use of educational resources, a new mode of English Instruction, “online teaching + traditional teaching + autonomous inquiry + discussion”, has been explored; the comprehensive assessment system and reasonable teacher structures are designed so that learners’ motivation can be activated and the practical ability of foreign language can be improved significantly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.