Promoting the Audience Awareness of EFL Writing in Chinese Communicative Context: A Case Study of “NOTICE”

  •  Li Xiping    


It is a heated discussion among researchers of foreign-language teaching on how to enhance the audience awareness through the design, organization and implementation of classroom teaching of EFL writing, which is crucial for effective writing both in mother and in foreign language. And it is widely acknowledged that the cultivation of social context or communicative context is a major factor affecting audience awareness of the learners. Therefore, this study devotes to set up an example of how to promote the audience awareness through the teaching design in Notice writing teaching within the paradigm of communicative language teaching, concentrating on the exploring of the cultivation of communicative context. Contrastive analysis and survey revealed that this kind of teaching design was much more effective in the teaching practice compared to the traditional one in arousing learner’s interest and the audience awareness on the chosen genre.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.