The Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) and the Traditional Approach Using Tales of Virtue based on His Majesty the King’s Teaching Concepts in Seventh Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension

  •  Rungruedee Chaemsai    
  •  Saowalak Rattanavich    


This study compares the English reading comprehension and ethical awareness of 7th grade students, when using either a directed reading-thinking activity (DR-TA), or a more traditional approach, involving tales of virtue based on His Majesty the King’s teaching concepts. A randomized control group pretest-posttest design was used for the study, and the data were analyzed using one-way MANOVA and t-tests for dependent samples. The results showed a significant difference in English reading comprehension, and ethical awareness of learning English reading, between both groups at .01 level. Students through the DR-TA method had significantly higher English reading comprehension, and increased ethical awareness, at the .01 level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.