Academic English Teaching for Postgraduates Based on Self-regulated Learning Environment: A Case Study of Academic Reading Course

  •  Wei Zhao    


This study selects postgraduate students in the first grade as the participants, based on their needs analysis, classroom presentations and performance of assignments completion, through the methodology of case study, the results show that students at the university level even the graduate levels still struggle with academic English. Thus, this study focuses on foreign language teachers how to guide postgraduate students in academic reading course, so as to implement students’ self-regulated learning strategies and enhance their motivations, as well as how the students to adjust to experience and respond to the teaching process through the adjustment. Accordingly, we theoretically construct self-regulated teaching and learning environment, expectations for enlightenment to the teaching practices of academic English instructions, especially in reading academic journal articles in English. The future direction should be towards to assessing and applying the learning environment model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.