The Impact of Listening Strategy Training on the Meta-Cognitive Listening Strategies Awareness of Different Learner Types

  •  Fatemeh Zarrabi    


The present study investigated the effectiveness of listening strategy instruction on the metacognitive listening strategies awareness of different EFL learner types (LTs). To achieve this goal, 150 EFL students took part in the study and were taught based on a guided lesson plan regarding listening strategies and a pre-test/post-test design was applied. The degree of change occurring as a result of intervention was measured through one way ANOVA test. The results indicated that there was a significant improvement after the onset of the instruction, and that the intervention was effective. Although there were some differences between the four learner types (visual learners, auditory learners, kinaesthetic learners, and tactile learners) on the post test, the auditory learner type had the most significant improvement in metacognitive awareness of listening strategies (MALS). The finding of this quantitative research study led us to conclude that learners make noticeable progress in MALS via listening strategy instruction and that the level of improvement varies across the LTs with the auditory group improving most significantly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.