Teachers’ and Students’ Attitudes towards the Implementation of Content-Based Instruction in Higher Education in Ho Chi Minh City

  •  Bui Hung    
  •  Tran Hai    


Content-based instruction programs carried out in higher education in Ho Chi Minh City rests against national language-in-education policy and planning. However, in the first phase of implementation, this kind of courses proves problematic. This present study investigated teachers’ and students’ opinions on the implementation of content-based instruction (CBI) courses at three universities to make necessary recommendations for institutional developments. More than half of the students found the curricula problematic and thought their teachers should develop themselves more. In addition, teachers believed the institutions which they were working for should offer them opportunities to study overseas. The one thing which most of the teachers and students agreed on was that CBI was a good language-in-education policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.