Analyzing the Training and Internship Needs Assessment of Verbal Communication Skills amongst Hotel Practitioners

  •  Suzana Rahim    
  •  Farina Tazijan    


There is a need to expose the learners in the hospitality industry to real workplace requirement in terms of communication skills. In view of its importance, human resource managers, researchers and educators in the field of hospitality management or the hotel practitioners have to pay more serious attention to it. Thus, it is pertinent that both employers and potential employees have a consensus on what are to be instilled in the learners as this would prepare them for the actual hotel reception practices which in particular are the verbal communication skills. A needs analysis in the form of a questionnaire, distributed to the hotel managers and the interns involved help to identify the verbal communication skills that the interns require. These findings will also assist the curriculum designers in producing future hotel management professionals that can function effectively at their workplace.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.