Engineering and Technology Faculty’s and Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes towards ESP in EFL Context in Saudi Arabia

  •  Ahmad Qadi    


This paper repopulates faculty and students’ perceptions and attitudes towards ESP in EFL context. It uncovers both parties’ patricians’ thoughts about the significance of ESP in Saudi for the provision professional strength and contemporary suitability language practices in academics and institutions by EFL learners. It has revealed that teachers have shown ESP effectiveness for students of EFL program to inculcate language stuffs and solve learners’ queries. Also, Instructors concluded that the emergence of ESP flourishes learner’s knowledge of language for the codification in specific domains. Correspondingly, learners have expressed their discernments of ESP contents to capitalize them in real life situations. ESP materials assist the learners leading to use language accordance to circumstances. The research has illustrated that ESP replacement with EGP is lucrative to drive effectively learners to prepare them for current challenges of English use. Obtaining collective insights of both teachers and students demonstrated positive implications about ESP. They consciously negotiated and reflected regarding ESP constructive impacts on EFL learners. Moreover, the researcher used two questionnaires to conduct this study from faculty and students of EFL. Their perceptions and attitudes about ESP have identified significant disparity in comparison with EGP. Data have been analyzed through difference of all participants’ options selections. Thus, it could be concluded that ESP is considered more effectual rather than EGP for EFL learners in Saudi environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.