The Effects of Writing Strategy Instruction on EFL Learners’ Writing Development

  •  Ai-hua Chen    


This study examined the effects of integrating writing strategy training into EFL writing instruction on learners’ strategy use and writing performance. Two classes of EFL adult learners participated in this study. The experimental group were instructed with the writing strategy training in their EFL writing class for 14 weeks, whereas the control group received the same EFL writing program without any explicit strategy training. 
Mixed methods were applied in collecting data. The quantitative instruments included the writing strategy questionnaires and writing performance tests, which were both pre-tested and post-tested in the both groups. The qualitative instruments of reflective journals were also conducted in the experimental group to probe deeper insights into learners’ strategy changes. The findings showed that there were significantly positive differences in learners’ using writing strategies and in writing proficiency favoring the experimental group. 
The findings of this study indicate that writing strategy training can be integrated in the EFL writing instruction, and can bring to positive impacts for learners’ strategic awareness and writing strategy use as well as their writing performance. The paper suggested the strong need to the process-based writing instruction, and writing strategy training holds promise in this regard.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.