From EFL Teachers’ Perspective: Impact of EFL Learners’ Demotivation on Interactive Learning Situations at EFL Classroom Contexts

  •  Amir Abdalla Minalla    


For some reason, EFL students lose their motivation and interests and become more demotivated as time goes by. Many of the conducted studies focus on the factors that cause EFL learners’ demotivation rather than how EFL learners’ demotivation impact on classroom learning processes. Thus, the study will focus on the impact of EFL learners’ demotivation on the procedures and processes employed for EFL classroom interaction. The data are collected and statistically analyzed. The findings revealed the processes and the procedures that adopted for developing classroom interaction are negatively affected by the low quality of the participation that EFL demotivators do. These results negatively reflected EFL classroom interaction processes, EFL teachers’ performance, and EFL classroom group dynamics. In the light of these results, it recommended that the interactive classroom activities should be carefully designed and appropriately adapted to stimulate EFL demotivators’ interests. For example, the characteristics of these interactive classroom activities are in their content that reflects EFL learners’ cultural backgrounds and connects them to their every day actions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.