The Empirical Study of Lexical Approach in College English Classroom Teaching and its Effects on Art Major’s Writing

  •  Jianwei Wang    


Lexical approach has been believed to be an ideal way for language teaching and learning, but few empirical studies are concerned with the effects that lexical approach has on art major students’ English writing. This study aims to explore the effects the lexical has on writing through an experiment in which the lexical approach was applied in an English class for art majors. All of them attended the pre-test before the experiment and the post-test after the experiment. Through analyzing the data of composition scores and the number of lexical chunks used in compositions by paired sample t tests, this study finds that the lexical approach has positive effect on art majors’ writing proficiency and it is quite feasible and effective to apply the lexical approach to college English teaching, especially in English writing teaching. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.