Action Research for Unearthing Paradigmatic Assumptions in a MALL Environment: Reflecting on a WhatsApp™ Intervention to Support Foundation Year Students' Communication

  •  Najat Hussein Alsowayegh    
  •  Ibrahim Garba    


The current study is the first of a two-part action research study to support student's communication using WhatsApp™ at a Foundation Year language program in Saudi Arabia. The study focused on unearthing the assumptions behind the support using factual knowledge gathered from 24 female students. Using a questionnaire that included ten closed-ended questions and a focus on three open-ended questions, the data indicated that the students found the MALL environment and the content agreed with supporting their learning. Some students opined their challenges of remaining in the environment. Others found learning in the MALL environment helpful and improved their reading and writing. Taking an action research approach allowed the two teacher-researchers to unearth the paradigmatic purpose behind supporting students in the MALL environment. The current research falls within the scope of surfacing and linking MALL action with MALL practice, contributing to the active bridging of the paradigmatic purpose of sharing content with students outside their classes in a MALL environment. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.