Improving Flunked English Majors Performance through Enhancing Students' Perception of Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancy at Shaqra University

  •  Samah Ahmed Mohammed Elborolosy    
  •  Aziza Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Thenyan    


Teachers have to support flunked English majors emotionally, academically and use creative methods to improve their academic performance. The present research examined the effect of self-efficacy and outcomes expectancy on improving the performance of flunking English majors at Shaqra’ University. The instruments required for the research were a follow-up interview, pre-posttests and a questionnaire of self-efficacy and outcomes expectancy. The sample size was thirty of flunking English major students. The research compared eight techniques to enhance self-efficacy and outcomes expectancy to regular method. To test the hypotheses, data were collected and statistically analyzed. The results showed that there was no significance difference between the control group and experimental related to regular method in the pre-tests, whereas there was a difference in the post-tests in favor of the experimental group attributed to the treatment. The findings of the questionnaire proved that students' perception of self-efficacy and outcome expectancy were crucial to enhance students' academic performance. The research suggested further investigations to examine the effect of self-efficacy and outcome expectancy on enhancing language oral and written skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.