The Washback Effect of WAEC/SSCE English Test of Orals on Teachers Methodology in Senior Secondary Schools in Sokoto Metropolis

  •  Ibrahim A.A.    
  •  Bello U    


The study investigates the washback effect of WAEC/SSCE English Test of Orals on Teachers Methodology. The method used in this research is a mixed method employing survey and case study strategies. Questionnaire and semi- structured interview were used to collect data. 32 out of the 41 teachers of English taking senior secondary school classes in Sokoto metropolis were sampled to respond to the questionnaire and the selection of participants was done using random sampling method. 5 teachers of English outside the sampled population were purposively selected to participate in the interview. The data from the questionnaire was analyzed quantitatively using frequencies, simple percentages and mean ranking while the data from the interview was analyzed qualitatively. The findings were presented sequentially, quantitative followed by qualitative. The result obtained from the study revealed that examination related factors affect the teachers in their choice and use of methodology the more. Teachers follow the format of the test and skip other content in the curriculum that did not feature in the test. The research concludes that the practice constitutes negative washback on teaching methodology and that examination bodies must improve on their testing system for the attainment of the envisaged positive washback.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.