A Comparative Study between Monolingual and Bilingual Teaching Methodologies of English in a Health Sciences University in the United Arab Emirates

  •  Omnia Ibrahim Mohamed    
  •  Zita Lobo    


This study examines the monolingual and the bilingual methods of teaching English to investigate which method is more effective and best achieves the learning outcomes of a language course. It also examines which method is preferred by the English language learners and gives better performance results. The study was conducted in RAK Medical and Health Sciences University located in The United Arab Emirates. The participants were Arab students who were divided into two groups. Each group was exposed to a different teaching method but the curriculum was the same. Then a questionnaire was distributed to determine the method that was preferred by the students as well as the method which resulted in a better performance. The results of the survey and the students’ performance results showed that the bilingual method proves to be a more successful and convenient method in English classes than the monolingual method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.