Telegram App in Learning English: EFL Students’ Perceptions

  •  Zahra A. Abu-Ayfah    


The rapid growth of mobile device technology and the emergence of new mobile device applications such as Telegram have created new opportunities for EFL students. Accordingly, the current study investigated the EFL College students’ perceptions of using Telegram for English language learning. The participants of the present study were 300 EFL college students, 200 female and 100 male were selected randomly from the department of English and Translation at Tibah University in AL-Medina AL-Manwarah in Saudi Arabia. This study followed a quantitative approach in which a survey questionnaire was utilized as an instrument for data collection. The results revealed that the majority of EFL students perceived Telegram as a useful tool for English language learning, particularly in vocabulary learning. The findings of the present study may contribute to developing the process of improving learning techniques in higher education in Saudi Arabia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.