The Analysis of the Problems in Business English Teaching Assessment System and Suggestions for Improvements

  •  Guo Guihang    
  •  Zhou Chen    


As an undergraduate program, Business English is still in the initial stage of development in China. It is a new inter-disciplinary and applied discipline, the teaching of which is practical and diverse. Teaching assessment is an important part of the curriculum teaching because it is beneficial for the teacher to obtain feedback, improve teaching quality and maintain the teaching foundation. It is an effective measure for students to find the most suitable learning methods, correct learning habits and enhance learning efficiency. Teaching assessment plays a macro-control role in the implementation of teaching activities and can ensure the realization of teaching effects. Most of the current assessments of Business English teaching is in line with the language test mode of college English. Their assessment of the students’ Business English ability is conducted from the perspectives of using vocabulary, syntax and text. They only detect one of the students’ comprehensive abilities, namely, language ability while ignoring the assessment of application ability and professional literacy as well as other capabilities. This paper conducts a questionnaire survey on sophomores, juniors, seniors, and students who have graduated majoring in Business English at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Hubei University, aiming at finding out problems in the current assessment system for Business English teaching. Based on the analysis of the problems, suggestions for establishing a new Business English teaching assessment system are proposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.