Struggle for Seizing the Day and the Sick Love in To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell: An Anti-Platonic Reading

  •  Navid Babamiri    


Platonic love refers to a kind of love that has no relationship with the negative mode of sexuality that is completely free of it especially in poetry. In Plato’s dialogue the Symposium it has been examined that Vulgar Eros is nothing but mere material attraction towards a beautiful body for physical pleasure, which Plato does not agree. Divine Eros, on the other side, begins the journey from physical attraction i.e., attraction towards beautiful form or body but transcends gradually to love for Supreme Beauty. Moreover; it implies active concern for the virtue and goodness of another soul, founded on the love of Goodness; it also implies sexuality, since sexuality finds its purpose in the intercourse of man and woman for the procreation of the children and the continuation of race (Allen, p. x). Based on this theory this research paper tries to show the theme of Anti- Platonic in the selected carpe diem poem, a poem which does not coincides to Plato’s theory but also objects to it too. Furthermore; it tries to shed light on the Anti-Platonic love that Marvell has it done by referring to the erotic love which is included in the frame of his works through symbols and other literary devices.

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